Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's going to happen...

This August in Richmond VA, one of the best band's to ever exist will be playing their first reunion show in nearly a decade. Pg.99 will perform their entire Document #8 at Richmond's "Best Friends Day." A day I'm going to be flying across the country from Seattle to make.

Apparently this is a time for reunion shows. Last July was Carissa's Wierd's first and last performance since 2003. I'm feeling gifted to see my two favorite bands play again when I never thought it possible.


  1. lol where they plaing in a school or something?

  2. Pretty sick preformance, looks like they may go a long way!

  3. Dang, and I haven't even gotten to see my two favorite bands, who are still together, play.
    One played on my birthday just one city over but alas, i was too poor to see them.
    I hope you enjoy yourself.

  4. Have fun man! I remember my favorite concert...Iron Maiden's Somewhere Back in Time Tour...Madison Square Garden. Great times man, great times.

  5. Nuts... would love to be at a show like that